The smartest way to charge your EV

Intelligent EV charging solutions for Australian homes and businesses

Evnex is a leading manufacturer and installer of smart electric vehicle chargers in Australasia.

We help ensure your EV is charged fast, safely, and with the lowest carbon emissions.



Charge up to 4x faster at home. Our home EV chargers are fast, reliable, and work with all electric vehicles.

Charger + installation + support included.



Your business requires reliable and safe charging infrastructure.

Our smart EV chargers help you remotely track energy usage, reimburse employees who charge at home, and avoid costly infrastructure upgrades by sharing available power between chargers.


We recognise that all forms of transport, including electric, have a carbon footprint. Here's how we're working to lower our impact, and help our customers to lower theirs as well.


Good business starts with looking after the team. Evnex is a living wage company and an equal opportunities employer.


Evnex products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand with the circular economy in mind. We use no single use plastic packaging, and when your charger reaches the end of its life, you can return it to us for recycling.

We’re partnering with EV drivers and industry leaders to power the transition to smarter electric mobility.


Yes, our team is available during business hours to take your call or chat online. As we build and develop our own charger hardware and develop the software, we are experts in all things EV charging. If our sales team can’t answer your questions, then one of the technical team will. Just contact us or explore our EV charging guides.

Evnex chargers are compatible with all electric vehicle makes and models. The EV’s plug type will dictate the EV charger model required, or you can select a socket EV charger if you require plug flexibility. Evnex chargers come in single-phase 7.4kW or three-phase 22kW sizes.

We are proudly a New Zealand company, we design, manufacture, and develop our EV chargers right here in Christchurch. We have been in the EV charging industry since 2014.

Generally, AC chargers are used where time is not a factor, such as at home or in a business where EVs are parked for a few hours. AC charger technology is significantly cheaper than DC chargers, which are often referred to as rapid chargers. DC rapid chargers generally deliver large amounts of electricity in a very short space of time. These are suited to long-haul and convenience locations and are more expensive to install. See our EV charging times article for more comparisons.

Yes, we install our chargers across Australia. Our professional electricians follow best practices and are well trained on our products. Once the installation is complete, we'll provide ongoing support for both EV drivers, homeowners and fleet managers.

Yes, we can help with business or commercial building EV charging solutions, including multi-tenanted apartment buildings. We provide EV charging software and tools for facility managers and body corporates to recoup charging costs. See our article about building a charging network for Apartments & Facilities.

Two or more electric vehicle households are starting to become common, charging both EVs at the same time is possible by installing multiple smart chargers. Evnex chargers communicate with each other and balance the electricity load between them.

Yes, any EV driver who has access to an Evnex EV charger can call us during our support hours and receive charging help, no matter how small or large the issue we will assist.  Visit our Support Page or quickly search through our 'How to guides' and resources found in the Evnex Knowledge Hub.

It's definitely worth considering, as pre-wiring during a new build can result in a more cost effective install later. If you have questions about preparing your new build home for an EV, then get in touch and we can provide some guidance. 

For individual homeowners and small businesses with a limited number of chargers, there is no subscription cost. For business customers with multiple chargers and more complex requirements, we have paid subscription plans available.