Commercial EV chargers

Future-proof design. European made quality.

Welcome to a reliable EV charging experience that empowers your business to fulfil the growing demand for efficient e-mobility support. ‍

Backed by our locally developed solutions, you can easily create cost reports, access controls, and enjoy features like dynamic load management.

Our experienced team will walk you through our full suite of services, from initial inspection, right through to installation and ongoing service.

Workplace charging

As your organisation begins to transition to electric vehicles, it’s important to ensure that your charging infrastructure is fit for purpose and has the capacity to scale. ‍

Evnex simplifies EV charging, by providing a turn key service from initial enquiry through to the completion of installation that includes ongoing support for fleet managers and EV drivers. We also offer hardware only purchases and prewires full service options.

Employee in-home charging

If you’re providing EVs for your employees to take home then safety, reliability and reimbursement of electricity costs will be front of mind.

Evnex has solutions for employers to provide EV charging at the employees home which includes installation, monitoring, support and access to a fully transparent system. Individualised electricity costs and home overload protection provides for a seamless experience. See our Employee In-home Charging Guide for more.

Charging for SME

We have a range of options for small businesses, from a single charger to many. Our team of specialists can walk you through the best options to start charging for your business.

Multi-tenanted commercial & apartments

Multi-tenanted buildings, be they for business or apartments, need a flexible approach to EV charging.

Often these buildings have energy constraints and complex ownership structures, which require smart technology and specialist EV charging experience. Understand the important factors to consider in our guide to implementing EV chargers at apartment and facilities.

Your smart EV charging provider

Evnex makes business and fleet EV charging simple.

We provide the full suite of charging services, enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

The Evnex business solution is designed for organisations to easily self manage access control, report on activity, and have visibility of your EV charger fleet.

After our team have organised the installation, we monitor your charge points, resolve technical issues and provide a help desk for both EV drivers and fleet managers.

Smart charging

Our EV charge points are connected to the internet via the cellular network, meaning we can do most things over the air.

Smart charging is key to deploying large scale EV charging, without it then buildings and the electricity networks will not cope with the load demands placed on them as we transition to electric.

We use the latest technology and work closely with theto integrate into a smart grid environment, which in turn, ensures your power stay on!

RFID access control

Some workplaces and communal areas will require EV chargers to be secured. Our RFID tools allows administrators to self manage access control.

Our administrator dashboard allows creation, management, and reporting of RFID enabled cards and fobs. Both individual EV drivers, or pool electric vehicles can be set up to suit your business needs.

RFID fobs are a generic technology, in some cases these can be used for multiple applications, meaning we can sometimes utilise existing cards or fobs for charge point access control.

Group load balancing

For large scale charge point installations, electricity supply and cost constraints often exist, which is where Evnex's group load balancing helps.

When planning a charge point installation, it’s often not cost effective or necessary to specify the supply infrastructure so that all chargers can operate at full speed at the same time.

For these installations Evnex provides a group load balancing solution to make the best use of your existing electrical capacity.

Designed and built in Europe

Our European made EV chargers are designed for local conditions and perform in a number of climates; whether installed in the outback of Australia, or the winter conditions of Queenstown.

Evolve chargers also include the latest in safety technology, with full conformance to IEC 61851.

X7 – 7kW Type 2 Socket, White

X7 – 7kW Type 2 Socket, Grey

X22 – 22kW Type 2 Socket, White

X22 – 22kW Type 2 Socket, Grey

E7 – 7kW Type 2 Socket, White

E7 – 7kW Type 2 Socket, Grey

E7 – 7kW Type 2 Tethered, White (Cable not NZ Made)

E7 – 7kW Type 2 Tethered, Grey (Cable not NZ Made)

No items found.

Phoenix Contact 5 Meter Single Phase Type 1 Lead – 32A / 7.4kW (Premium)

Phoenix Contact 5 Meter Single Phase Type 2 Lead – 32A / 7.4kW (Premium)

Phoenix Contact 5 Meter Type 2 Three Phase Lead – 32A / 22kW (Premium)

RFID Key Tag

Type 2 Plug Holder

Type 1 Plug Holder

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A tethered EV charger will only be compatible with vehicles that match its plug type, but can be more convenient as the cable is always attached. A socket (universal) EV charger allows for more flexibility, as the appropriate cable can be swapped depending on the vehicle being charged. Don’t forget however with a socket charger, there will be an additional expense of buying the cable to plug into it.

Charging your EV at home is the most cost-effective way to recharge. On a night rate electricity plan, you can expect to pay between $2.50 - $3.00 per 100 km.

Installing an Evnex home charger allows you to schedule your charging session to off-peak hours, reducing the cost of your charge, and the use of carbon intensive generation.

Our smart chargers come with additional benefits that protect your home from overloading, reduce carbon emissions and cost of your charging session, and allow to track charging costs. Our chargers connect to the internet via the cell network as standard, at no cost to you.

Most new EVs are supplied with a portable charger that plugs into a standard household plug. We recommend that homeowners do not rely on portable charging leads as their primary means of charging, especially if their vehicle has a larger battery pack. Standard home outlets are not designed for constant, high amperage loads, and can overheat in some situations.

You can find a full list of our registered NZ Made products on Evnex's Buy NZ profile.

This depends on many factors, including the maximum charging capability of the vehicle. As a rule of thumb, a 7.4kW single phase EV charger can delivery about 40km of range per hour. See our article on EV charging time.

Two or more electric vehicle households are starting to become common, charging both EVs at the same time is possible by installing multiple smart chargers. Evnex chargers communicate with each other and balance the electricity load between them.

Our chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands