Safe EV Charging at Home

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming our most power-hungry residential appliance; one that needs to be thoroughly understood in order to safely charge at home. ‍ This isn’t a problem when charging at public EV charging stations designed for high energy draw, but most charging sessions are done overnight in the comfort of EV owners’ homes; […]

Are Electric Vehicles Sustainable?

In 2014, I completed building and road registered my first electric car; a converted 1997 Honda Torneo. It was also the year that I founded Evnex, a New Zealand manufacturer of EV chargers. ‍ Both initiatives involved a significant investment in time, and were heavily influenced by my conclusion that electric vehicles were well positioned to […]

Why is Smart EV Charging Critical for the EV Industry?

Since the clean car discount came into effect in 2021, New Zealand has seen a huge increase in registrations for electric vehicles. According to the Ministry of Transport, in the nine months since the clean car discount began, there were more than 14,000 EV registrations – an increase of almost 190% compared with the same […]